Monday, June 16, 2008

Those digital pictures on those digital cameras

I love my digital cameras. There are two that we use regularly - my Canon 30D SLR that I absolutely love but generally have heart palpitations when someone other than me is using it. We also have a Sony Powershot that takes great pictures and allows the rest of my family to take pictures. I take a gazillion pictures, have many, many hand-made scrapbooks, have 3 digital scrapbooks, photos all over my house and my relatives....yada yada yada. Digital allows you to take so many and delete the ones that are bad, not worrying about wasting film or time. All this to say - I like digital pictures.

What kills (meaning hurt not laugh) me is when folks keep their pictures on their cameras for a long time. I know folks (family and friends alike) who will keep hundreds of pictures on their camera, deleting one or two at a time to make room for more. This is SO BAD for so many reasons. There are many things that can happen to the camera or the card that will wipe out all the pictures. For example - dropping it into the toilet; getting a virus from the computer; card just going bad; some ding-dong helpful person deleting ALL the pictures rather than just one or two to make space; and many other things that can happen. Do you really want the pictures from the past 6 months (which include Christmas, last day of school, fun events, new babies, family, etc) to be gone forever? Of course not. So, get them off your camera. You can put them on the computer (but remember this can also be an issue so make sure this isn't the only thing you do); print them either as individual photos or in a scrapbook format; put them on cd's; etc.

Whatever you choose to do with your pictures - make sure you share them! Pictures are not taken to be put in a computer, cd, album or scrapbook never to be seen again. Share them! People always like looking at photos!


J. Kaye Oldner said...

I love mine too! :-D

Michele said...

Thanks J. Kaye! I need to get out there and take some pictures to share here.

Julie said...

ok - that was random!! but a good reminder none the less

SheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

What inspired your post? Did you have a close call with losing pictures?

I upload my camera to the PC regularly ... but then the pictures sit there unil someone needs one printed for a project, or I have a particularly cute kid pic to share :)

I always have my digital pictures "processed" at CVS or similar, I don't have a photo-quality printer.

Michele said...

Not really random Julie. I'll post about why in a minute.

Dawn (sheistoofond..) I usually do my in scrapbooks, been digital for a few years scrapbooking and love it. Maybe I'll post some of those. Thanks for coming by!