Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tennis lessons

Our house has been full of summer sports between both kids. My daughter has had volleyball camp (no pictures taken - bad mom!) and is currently at a sleep-away basketball camp (and I am not thinking any more about it...cause if I do, I start to worry about her). My son started tennis lessons yesterday. He's been talking about taking lessons for over a year now. So we signed him up, got all four of us rackets, and have been playing a bit here and there. Well, not really playing because the kids aren't great at returning yet. Hopefully that will improve with this class. The thing is, my boy sure does have an excellent overhand serve. The first day he just threw the ball up and whizzed it over. I was in shock. He loves doing that so once we get him returning, it should be lots of fun to play. Course we also have to teach him what constitutes a point for him - and that it's not because I missed a ball that never actually came on my side!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...those were the days...lol! I only had one child interested in tennis. He's not any more, but the other two never showed interest. Too bad....it's a fun sport.

Diane said...

Tennis must be contagious this summer. Our family has been out a few times so far. Paul and I used to play tennis in the years prior to having kids and guess what...I still suck at it! lol I do keep threatening to take lessons.

2 Kids 3 Martinis said...

WOW, has he grown up!
We've been playing tennis too...on the driveway at home! We have yet to make it to the actual courts...fun stuff! Cute photos!

Michele said...

J. Kaye - we are having fun playing tennis. I never really played as a kid so am enjoying it now. Course, it also means I have to run a bit. Yuck! LOL

Diane - we need to go out together and play. We should take lessons together - that would be fun!

Kathy (2kids...) - He has grown quite a bit. I'm always looking at him at how old he looks now. Thanks for stopping by!

Nicole said...

Hey Michele! Cute pics..I also love the wedding photos. Thanks for commenting on my blog and allowing me to visit yours! It' s good to see you. :) Nicole

Michele said...

Thanks for stopping by Nicole!