Monday, June 9, 2008

Capon Springs, WV

Silly hiding girl I am back! We started out the trip at my in-laws house for the weekend. I took some time to take some pictures of two of my neices and their family. You can see that the older one was enjoying not having her picture taken. She's quite ornery! But still is a cutie! All this did was make me laugh - exactly her plan!

We left their house on Sunday and went to Capon Springs, WV. The resort there is wonderful! It was so peaceful, quiet and relaxing. They have plenty of activities for us to do - golf, tennis, ping pong and many others. The people who run it - all are family, so nice, and fun to talk with. And the folks who go there all have been going for years, usually the same week so that they know others going each year.

Capon Springs Pool Temp Their pool is spring fed so it was a bit chilly! But we were in it a number of times - me too! I was able to get my torso and legs used to the water after getting hot and jumping in three times (the first time I just did deep breathing from the deep end to the steps and got right out!). My arms never did get used to the cold but the kids had a blast in the water.

And the food! Oh, my! They fed us three meals that were quite delicious. Lots of food, all homemade, so good. Even my very picky kids loved the food!

He likes ice cream! Indiana Monica

Me and the kids hiking We hiked a couple of days - even a 3.5 mile 'gentle sloping' hike (if that's gentle, decided not to do the 'occasionally steep' one!). I finished 3 books and started a fourth. We played plenty of board and card games and did a large puzzle. We enjoyed each others company overall. I highly recommend taking your family and going!


Julie said...

Sounds awesome!! You were brave to get into that cold pool. Great pics.

Hello! said...

I was brave, wasn't I? Good thing it was so hot! Thanks for checking in Julie!