Monday, June 30, 2008

Guest review - Undertow by Sydney Bauer

My friend, Amanda, highly recommended this book to me. It comes out in July in the US. I asked her to write a review of it for everyone. I plan on getting a copy to read! Thanks Amanda!

Undertow by Sydney Bauer is about a black lady being charged with a hate crime against a white girl. She takes her daughter and her friends on a boating trip for her daughters birthday. All of them black, but one. The girls go swimming and encounter trouble. The book is all about why she rescued the girls in the order that she did. The white girl died and she is being charged because she chose to rescue the black girls instead of the white girl. Is it really a hate crime or did she just rescue who she could reach first? This the first in a series of books. The attorney (I can’t remember his name) is going to be the main character she has out in several books. We can buy the books in the US, but they are very expensive right now, because they have to come from Australia. The author sent me an e-mail and said Alibi, the next one, will be out in Spring in the US. It’s such a long wait, but very much worth it. I’m almost tempted to pay the money for the book, just to have it now, it’s that good.

You can go to her website: and read about each of the books she has out.

Hope you like it as much as I do!! Let me know.


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J. Kaye Oldner said...

Amamnda - great review! This does sound like a book to add to the wish list!!