Thursday, June 19, 2008

Picture restoring

A few days ago I posted about making sure you get your pictures off your camera. It did seem to come out of the blue as I hadn't really said anything about pictures before. In the past year, I've helped out 2-3 friends who have accidentally erased all the pictures on their camera. And the last one had over 900 pictures that I restored for them. It just kills me to think of all those photos lost - all those memories.

I was able to restore them as they hadn't taken any more pictures on that card since it was erased. I used this WONDERFUL product from Sandisk called Rescue Pro. It is not that expensive to buy especially given all that it can do. I love it. It scans the memory card seeing what is still 'visible' even though it's deleted. And then it will restore it and place it somewhere else - I usually choose the computer versus a cd. It's a great software and I highly recommend it. I also recommend then putting them on a cd too so you'll have the pictures in two places. Backup is key!

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