Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Reading Extravaganza - Day 3 & 4:Magazines & Activities

I didn't have time to blog yesterday so I am combining yesterday and today's questions for the Summer Reading Extravaganza.

Day 3's question was:We all love books, but how about magazines? Magazines are perfect for the shorter flight or poolside (so your book doesn’t get wet), don’t you think? What are your favorite magazines or what magazines would you recommend for book lovers? Or is there a magazine we should stay away from? Our thoughts are below, but we can’t wait to read yours! I actually do not get any magazine subscriptions anymore. I found that I didn't take the time to read them. I used to love Readers Digest and that's what I'll pick up first at the doctor's office or if I see it at my family's house. My daughter gets Sports Illustrated Kids and enjoys reading it. The kids also get Time for Kids at school and read them whether they have to or not. Makes for some interesting dinner conversations!

Today's question is: Today’s topic is summer reading activities. What we love so much about reading is that it expands our world! If you have any fun traditions or activities that you share with your kids or students that have to do with reading, today is the day to share them.If you don’t have kids, maybe you have a bookclub that does has some fun traditions or you enjoy organizing your books in the summer. Be creative and share with us! In the summer, we join the reading club at the library. It gets the kids excited about reading and some incentives. I work to have them read 30 minutes a day, but usually that only ends up happening about 3-4 times per week. They love it best when the three of us crawl into my bed, with me in the middle, and read. We do this either in the afternoon or right before bed. They get the most reading done then (unless they fall asleep - it's also a good nap inducer!).

What magazines and activities do you do? For more ideas, be sure to check out The Friendly Book Nook for magazines and activities. Also check out the other blogs that are linked to those posts.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! You know, I completely forgot about this. :( I did Monday and Tuesday. See what happens when I exercise too much? I have no brain power left.

Julie said...

I don't read a whole lot of magazines. I get The Economist, which is not literary at all, but I would highly recommend it for keeping up with what is happening in the world. My kids get Cricket and Muse (both Cricket publications) which are literary. Cricket has a great series of magazines for kids. They seem to enjoy them, and I even read bits and pieces here and there.

The only thing I do for the summer is try to read out loud to the kids. Even though they are good readers themselves I really want to keep reading aloud. I have good intentions about this, but it seems like it only really happens in the summer. The biggest problem is that once they get hooked on a story, one or the other will sneak a look at the book and read ahead! Those darn kids!! :)

Oh, just thought of something else. In the summer we try to visit the library bookmobile when it comes by. That is always fun! And we don't do it during the school year.

Michele said...

J. Kaye - I knew there was a reason I didn't exercise! LOL Thanks for stopping by!

Julie - I really miss sitting with you and learning about the world from your reading! LOL Now I might have to read the darn thing myself. Probably not!