Sunday, June 22, 2008

Review: Entropy by Anthony Lawrence Gordon

I received a copy of Entropy directly from author Tony Gordon. The back of the book gives this synopsis:
When it all seems to be falling apart....
Gradually but irresistibly, events in Nick's life have spun out of control and Nick can only hold on and survive. He finds himself trying to understand the ending of past relationships while becoming involved in new ones, and he finds himself falling in love. As everything seems to be falling apart, Nick tries to piece together the pieces, tries to restore order. Halt the entropy.

The teaser sounded good to me. I expected to read about a man's struggle with choices he's made, reactions to things that have happened to him, and his thoughts and actions as he grows or at least moves through the current events in his life. However, that's not what I read. The book focuses on the choices Nick makes, or others makes for him, with a friend from work and his wife. It focuses on drugs and sex, lots of sex that makes him uncomfortable and definitely made me uncomfortable.

I realize I am more conservative than many and that my Christian beliefs are not shared by all. But I read a lot of books that include drugs and sex either as part of the story or in setting the scenes. The drugs and sex in those books doesn't make me uncomfortable because there's more to the story. There wasn't more to this story than the sex and drugs, in my opinion. I didn't really get any information on why Nick was making the choices he was - no inner voice, not much on his thoughts. There was very little on his past relationships - what happened and why. The characters - main and supporting - are very shallow and stereotypical.

I wanted to like this book and was disappointed that I could not. However my opinion is only that. Be sure to check out Booking Mama's review.


Anonymous said...

Sorry...when I commented on the chat, I wasn't aware the review was!

Great insight! I love how you posted another review. It gives us two sides - just love that!!

Michele said...

Thanks J. Kaye!