Monday, June 16, 2008

Favorite author - Laura Lippman

I have that list on the left there of some of my favorite authors. Over time I will be telling you why they are on that list. Starting off with author Laura Lippman.

I first fell in love with her character Tess Monaghan in Baltimore Blues. Tess is a wise-cracking journalist who loses her job and opens a private investigation business. She solves crimes sometimes with her intelligence but just as many times with good luck. She makes me laugh and cry, cringe and cheer. Her family members and friends are just as much fun as she is. In different stories we learn more about each of them. And she is also a dog lover! There are ten stories in the Tess Monaghan series. And you know I recommend reading them in order if possible. Because you'll get to see how Tess grows both personally and professionally while you enjoy solving the crimes right along with her. The latest book is Another Thing to Fall that came out in March. My comment in March (since you know my memory is worthless about specific books) on library thing says "Latest in the series, but would be good as a stand alone too. TV show drama and filming included in the suspense."

Ms. Lippman also has a few stand-alone books that I've enjoyed. These books have rounded out the joy I have reading her books. I recommend checking her out.

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