Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My newest Christmas ornament! I LOVE IT!!!

My VERY TALENTED friend, Lisa Clarke, of Polka Dot Cottage, decided to make a small set of family ornaments again this year! This made me VERY happy to hear and I immediately ordered. I got ours in the mail today and this made me very Happy! LOL Can you tell I'm in love? Just look at the details! The hair, the freckles, the dog. The heights...scary to think my girl is just that much shorter than me, but she really is! My boy's hair sticks up in real life just like this one! And this is proof that my blonde hair is real. Really it is. (Okay, it used to be.)

Lisa is SO talented! She makes jewelry (I own multiple pairs of her earrings as do most of the ladies in my family). She makes fun flip flops. She makes scarves and hats and aprons and skirts. And many, many other things. I am in awe of her. You have GOT to click on on of these links and go check out her store. It's all her. Oh, and she's got a blog too and is quite humorous. I suggest subscribing to her blog - you won't be disappointed.

Okay, back to my rabbit hole. I wish I had more time to give this blog more attention, but I will some day, I promise!