Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Healthy eating habits

Hello to anyone out there!  It's been over two years since I have posted anything here. That seems so long ago.   Seems like I haven't been reading much lately either so maybe it's good that I am coming back here.  Motivate myself.

Anyway, the reason I thought of coming here today is that I need a place to capture my family's experiment for the summer. We are not healthy eaters - we eat out a ton, we eat alot of meat, fried foods, pasta/carbs and NOT alot of fruits and vegetables.  That would be why most of us are overweight and low on energy most days.

But....I decided this is the summer that I, and thus the family since I am the grocery shopper and main cook, start to eat a bit healthier.  The goal of the summer is to try new things that we can add to our menu - various salads, veggies, fruits, etc.  At first it will just be to add those items to our diet and not worry about removing the other items.  The eventual goal is to cut way back on the less healthy foods and enjoy the majority of our meals with healthier options.  However, we have to like the fruits and veggies first and that's a big challenge, especially for me.

To help in this endeavor I bought a share at New Century CSA - a produce co-op.  I am so excited to start receiving these bundles of produce every Friday.  Dave asked - couldn't we just buy these items at the store?  Well, sure we could...but we don't.  This way I am paid for the entire summer and we will get the produce whether we 'want' it or not.  It will definitely be an adventure!

Our first delivery comes in three days.  Here's what we will be getting:
1 Lettuce, Leaf (red or green) (1.0 head)
1 Spinach (1.0 bag)
1 Radishes (1.0 bunch)
2 Green Onions (1.0 bunch)
1 Kohlrabi (1.0 bunch)
1 Strawberries (1.0 basket)
1 Cabbage, Napa (1.0 head)

So, here's where I need your help!  Give me suggestions for great salads or other things we can make with these items.  They don't have to be the healthiest of options (such as eating the strawberries with cream and sugar). My goal is to try them in a variety of ways so we can figure out how we like to eat them.  

I will keep you apprised how the meals go!