Sunday, June 22, 2008

Author chat: Anthony Lawrence Gordon

As part of my review of Entropy, I also asked author Tony Gordon a few questions that I would like to share. I have such respect for folks who are out there sharing their passion with others through writing.

Michele: What was your inspiration for writing Entropy?
Tony: I've always been interested in how people struggle, not just to get by, but struggle with making themselves ok with their actions - the whole cognitive dissonance thing. Entropy the novel started coming together in my head after I had read about the idea that we tell the direction of time by the increase of entropy. That idea kind of clicked with the way people try to keep things as they are and resist change.

Michele: Who are your favorite authors?
Tony: Although it may sound trite, Hemingway (his good stuff anyway) is my favorite author. I also really enjoy Raymond Carver. I've currently been reading Christopher Moore, although I'm not generally a reader of his genre of books, I stumbled upon "Dirty Job" and loved it. He makes me laugh out loud.

Michele: Do you have any other fiction works in progress?
Tony: I've just started a new novel - just started putting it on paper and am barely into it, don't even have a working title.

Michele: What else have you been working on?
Tony: I've been working with a public relations firm on promoting my book, and that is starting to ramp up now - in the next few weeks I'll be doing signings and readings in the Stevens Point WI area. Also, I've been working on a putting together a collection of short stories. I also keep up a couple blogs, one for my writing ( and one that has to do with being a waiter (

Thanks Tony!


Anonymous said...

What a great chat! :) Look forward to reading your thoughts on the book.

Michele said...

LOL - Thanks!