Monday, November 3, 2008

Book Giveaway Carnival - Three books to give away!

The Book Giveaway Carnival is HERE!

This week book bloggers all around the internet are giving away LOTS of books! I am one of over 70 participants (at last count - may be more now). After you sign up for my giveaways, make sure you head over to Carnival Central at Bookroom Reviews to sign up for the others.

I am giving away three books. Each book will go to a different winner. Be sure to read the rules below about how to enter.

I am giving away three books that I received as ARCs and want to pass on. I've read all three and you can find my reviews on the link next to the book.

Hell Bent by William G. Tapply [my review]
One Perfect Day by Lauraine Snelling [my review]
The Darker Side by Cody McFadyen [my review]

To enter:
I am combining this giveaway with my need to gather gift ideas. So to enter, you need leave a comment* telling me the best gift you received in the last three years. It can be from a friend or family member, for birthday, holiday or random, whatever. But it has to be a gift you received.

Other rules:
- If you don't answer my gift question, your comment will be deleted and you will not be entered.
- Please let me know which book you prefer to win. If it's all three, say that too.
- Please include your email address within one click of your comment. That means either include it in your comment or make sure it's on your Blogger profile. If I can't find you, you won't win.
- If you blog about my giveaway (separate from the general carnival post), you will earn two more chances to win.
- This giveaway is not restricted geographically. However, no matter where you are, I am shipping this as inexpensively as I can. In the US or Canada, that's not a big deal, but outside of that, it may be awhile depending on the method the postal service uses.

The contest ends on Friday, November 7th at 11pm EST. I will be posting the winners on Saturday, November 8th.

Be sure to go to the Book Giveaway Carnival main post at Bookroom Reviews to sign up for LOADS more book giveaways! You never know - you could win multiple books this week.

*If you don't know how to leave a comment, email me at mawshimp at gmail dot com, replacing 'at' with @ and 'dot' with . and eliminating the spaces. I will send you directions on how to leave a comment.


Skywaywaver said...

For Mother's Day a year ago, my husband got a coffee mug made with a picture of my daughter on it. I love it, because I can always use larger coffee mugs (and this is one!) and it kind of gives my daughter a thrill every time I use it, because it's like mommy chose that mug because I'm on it! Okay, not good to think too much this early LOL
hematopoiesis at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

This is a tough question for me because my husband has a gift giving disability. I can make a registry at a store and he'll still buy the wrong thing. Some of my favorite gifts have been Christmas ornaments, dishes, a ring, and kitchen gadgets. I'd like to be entered for The Darker Side. Thanks!

TX Poppet said...

Best gift was Valentines Day. I came home from work to find the dining room table outside set with romantic candles, flowers and dinner from a nice restaurant. Rowr! Hubby done good.

Bitten by Books said...

Great giveaway! Thanks!!
I would love all three books. ;)
The best gift ever? My Amazon Kindle reader. I love it and would gift one to all of my reviewers IF I could afford it. :)

Please enter me.
racoo. smith at

Please be sure to visit mine today too if you have time!


Cynthia said...

My best gift ever is gift cards. I get to pick out exactly what I need or want. Thanks for a great giveaway.

Jennifer said...

My favourite gift was from my son who decided I needed to be pampered. He went hopping with his Dad and purchased a Lucky Chick spa set, including sparkly lotion. LOL The best part was seeing my son's face light up when I opened the gift. His expression meant more than anything. BTW, it is still my favourite sent. :)

I am a mystery lover, but would be happy with any of the three books.

knittingmomof3 AT gmail DOT com

okbarbie5 said...

My daughter gave me a gift card for Kohl's and I was like a little kid in a candy store. I really like gift cards..

Ruth Schaller said...

The best gift that I have received in the last three years was the eBookwise Ebook reader. God I love that thing!! I feel nekkid when I leave home without it!

ArkieRN said...

I like to give and receive gift cards to book stores.
Any of the three books would be great.

Emily B said...

The best gift I have received lately was the cookbook How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. I've been vegetarian for 8 years and I love to cook - this is like the Joy of Cooking for vegetarians. Very comprehensive.
I'd read any of those three books! Thanks for the giveaway!

danie88 said...

The best gift I have gotten (which was recently just this year) was from my younger sister, she picked it out herself... it is a locket.

I'd like to be entered for "The Darker Side" ... if someone else wins it either of the other 2 are just great as well!

Charmed said...

The best gift I've got was my MIL surprised me with a stove. Mine had went out and there was no way we could replace it, and she bought us one. I cried for days.

One Perfect Day is a book I have been dying to read. So I would love to win it.

Patricia said...

I have 6 grown kids. They all got together and had a portrait of all of them together to give to me taken.

Amy said...

My favorite gift was probley the Bible I got from my best friend with my name engraved on it.
Please enter me for "The Darker Side" please. Thank you for the giveaway.

Marie said...

The Darker Side looks great!

Best gift -- honestly my husband gets off easy because all he really has to buy me is a gift card to a bookstore. However, the best gift other then that was when he bought me an Irish cape that I had been wanting for a long time. Everytime I wear it I think of him :-)

Dixie said...

The best gift I ever received was on my 35th birthday.
My mother came to see me and gave me her own mothers ring which she had worn for over 20 years.
It has the 9 birthstones of myself and all my siblings.At the time,
I had been feeling estranged from everyone so this ring reminds me that my family are always there for me no matter what.

I'd love to read One Perfect Day.


Sandy said...

the most fun one I got was an apron of my husband- why becuase he will never be caught cooking but wanted his spirit in the ones are the thoughtful homemade- homemade bath stuff or movie night- big plastic bowl- microwave popcorn, movie rentals (or a few favorite movies they knew I wanted) can also do a 3 month netflix during the cold months so they can order what they want, and use the bowl- put a bunch of popcorn to last a few nights. please enter me- thanks so much!mrs.mommyyatgmaildotcom

Jesica said...

At the beginning of this year, I got a combined Mothers Day/ Birthday/ Don't-ask-me-for-another-stinkin'-thing gift to help entertain me during chemo.

My husband bought me a pretty purple laptop. I adore it.

I'd love to be entered for all three. Any book is a good book!

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reading in Seattle said...

I'm choosing to tell you about the best gift I gave recently. For my MIL's 60th birthday, we had a silver star music box engraved for her from our son. When she opened it and read it, it brought tears to her eyes - I loved giving her that gift and know it was greatly appreciated!

I would love to read any of the three books you are giving away!

I'm giving away 10+ books to 4+ winners! To enter
click here!

:) Wendi

Nise' said...

Upon my return home from a trip to Florida by myself, my husband surprised me with a hot tub! It is the best gift ever! Enter me for One Perfect Day and The Darker Side. Thank you.

Carol said...

My children got together to give me a birthday party. The best gift was a photo album that included pictures of them, my grandchildren and even my cats!
I would like The Darker Side or Hell Bent.

Carol M
mittens0831 AT

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea, Michele!

Alright....the best gift I have ever received. I have gotten a lot of gifts in my lifetime that I really did love, and usually I would say something like a picture that one of the kids gave me, or a hug, or something similar. But, unfortunately, that would be dishonest. On my last birthday, I received a violin. Well, a fiddle because that's the way I play it (after all, a fiddle really is just a violin with attitude! ;) ) It was something that I had really wanted since I can remember...I begged my mother to let me take lessons when I was in school, but I was never able to. So when I opened that box, and saw my fiddle for the first time, I cried. Something I had wanted my whole life, sitting right in my lap.

So there you favourite present! :)

Faerie Mom said...

The best gift I have received lately was from my children. They gave me a silver bracelet inscribed with the word "Loved". Every time I look at it it reminds me....

I would love to win any of the three books! I am a total bookoholic! LOL

Janna said...

For Christmas 3 years ago my cousin had my name in our drawing. She is a photographer and put together an album of candid shots she had taken of my kids. I cried I loved it so much!

One Perfect Day would be my first choice, but I would love any of them!

ryanx6 at msn dot com

jenna said...

I'm not sure this will help you in your gift giving, but the best gift I received was a beautiful area rug for our living room. I had been wanting one, but we couldn't afford the one I wanted, so my parents gave it to us for Christmas!
frog123 (at) cyipcom (dot) net

mom2boys said...

My mother in law gave me a scrapbook she made of my family for Christmas. I was so sweet and I'll always have the memories to look back on. Thanks for the great giveaway!


Sherrylinn said...

My favorite gift actually entailed a treasure hunt. My hubby sent me through the house via notes to different spots each with a small gift (chocolate, earrings, small boyd's bear) to the big gift, which was a new Bible with a new cover.

Nicole said...

A coupon book from my hubby with things like good for one massage, a day of home cooked meals, moms day out, etc. It was great!

Amber said...

My husband's aunt decided to make every family their own buckwheat pillow ( It was a godsend after my car was rear-ended and I saw a chiropractor for 6 months. I later bought a queen size one but still use this one for car trips.

Any book is fine with me. They all sound good.
amber at

EllyBean said...

The best gift to me was my daughter Melody... I can't imagine life at all without her!

Kristi said...

OK - you are probably going to think this is strange favorite, but it was a clothesline. I have always wanted one (reminds me of a simpler time growing up, when I would do laundry with/for my mom) - last Christmas we drew names as a family and then had to "make" a gift. My husband had gotten my name and gave me a length of rope - which this spring became my clothesline.

kherbrand (at) comcast (dot) net

Anonymous said...

These are all great answers! Thanks for participating and my answer would have to be my laptop from hubby last year, I'm ALWAYS on it! But I like to give away things alot more! I would have to pick the Cody McFadden book after you said it was one of your top books of 2008!

sito50 said...

Every year my daughter gives me a different hand-made picture frame with a photo of her family in it. And last year, I got a BIG dictionary for a Valentine's Day gift that I refer to a couple times a week. He done good that time.

Shannon said...

A new winter coat.

Anonymous said...

The best gift I received is a book that I didn't ask for. Usually I have a list, but last year my Mom surprised me by asking a bookseller for books similar to a series I like that is on hiatus.

I'd like to be entered for all three and I'll link to your giveaway on my front page.

You can reach me on my blog -- please use this link (comment anywhere or my e-mail is on my contact page). I don't blog at my Open ID blog link.

Yasmin said...

The best gift I received was...hmmm...just one...okay an evening to kids, no hubby, just me and a dog named Apooo.
I would like to win One Perfect Day.
apooo4u at yahoo dot com

Alyce said...

The best gift I have gotten in the past few years is the Wii Fit. My husband is a great gift giver and likes to save the biggest gifts for me for Mother's Day, so this was a Mother's Day present. (Plus I really wanted it, so it wasn't like he was saying "you need to work out.")
I would love to win one of these books, but NOT One Perfect Day because I've already read it. Thanks!
akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

Staci said...

The best gift I've received was a coffee pot with a timer, to feed my caffeine addition without getting up too early! I'd love to read One Perfect Day or Hell Bent. Thanks for the giveaway!

jessiejaws said...

The best gift I got was having a star named after me. Yeah the dh went to that Star Registry thing that advertises a lot around Christmas. Really hokey but after 28 years of marriage he still thinks I'm a star!

Katie said...

The best recent gift I've received is a mini food processor. We got it as a wedding gift and we use that sucker all the time!! Of the books you have listed, I'd prefer The Darker Side.

Thanks for the great giveaway!
katiellloyd at yahoo(dot)com

Guider Barb said...

I like the Darker Side
Let's see one of my favorite gifts was my Cuisenart. It was something I really wanted and didn't expect to get.
ve3smu at cogeco dot ca

AmandaSue said...

I'd love to be entered for "One Perfect Day" And the best gift I've recieved was a really cute photo frame with a collage of photos of all my friends and family it it!

Ang said...

I love giveaways! ok.. best gift received? This is lame, but DH brought me flowers to work earlier this year. No, it wasn't the "best" gift he ever got me, but it was special because it was completely unexpected. Those kinds of gifts are the best - the ones out of the blue. The ones you don't ask for, and aren't the "obligated" gifts like birthdays or Xmas.

I'd love to win One Perfect Day, but any of the books will do!

You have my email.... or you can get me at my blogger page!

Thanks Michele!

Mia J. said...

Some of the wonderful gifts that I have gotten recently were a spa certificate (relaxing massage), a beautiful silver bracelet and a plane ticket to Paris was the absolute best.

*~Dani~* said...

My favorite Christmas gifts were my USB mittens that plugged into my computer and warmed up. So useful!

I would like any of the three books. They all sound good!

Laza said...

I always get the best gifts from my sister. She has this way of finding a gift that relates an inside joke between us. She bought me a book once called The Unthinkinable Thoughts of Jacob Green by Joshua Braff. This was such a great gift because (1) I love books and (2) Joshua Braff is Zach Braff's older brother and we have a major obsession with Zach and the show Scrubs. She really put some thought into that that one, and it made it really special.

(Also, my boyfriend recently bought me a Wii...also an awesome gift, but obviously too expensive for just anyone.)

I'm in for any of the three books. :) Thanks for the contest. My email is lauren.m.delacruz at gmail dot com

caite said...

best gift? hmmm...a $300 gift card for Borders. That was hours and hours of fun spending...and hours and hours of fun reading what I bought.

I would love to be entered for Hell Bent. I have already read and reviewed The Darker Side...loved it!

robin_titan said...

Two years ago I received a hand made angel from a friend it is beautiful!! definitely the best gift I have ever received. I thing a good idea is just making something yourself to give to whomever as long as it's made from the heart (not literally of course hehe) I'm sure the receiver of the gift will really love it :D

I would like to enter for the One Perfect Day book I keep hearing so much about :D Thank you!

Ginny said...

Well my best gifts were a Computer & an Ipod 2 years ago.

I have tons of ideas though, I just never get much, lol. I'm working on a huge Christmas gift idea with a huge range of price options & even handmade ideas.

Jacqueline in Atlanta said...

Would love to read any of the books.

For Mother's Day my kids took an old photo frame and backed the cardboard with scrapbook paper. Then one kid drew a picture for spring, for summer, the other kid drew pictures for fall and winter. I am supposed to change them out every season. It sits in the kitchen to remind me they love me. (No they aren't little kids, either. They were 16 & 17 when they did this!)

Thanks for having the giveaway!

Katy Lin :) said...

For my birthday two years ago, my Aunt Geri bought me a tciket for the seat next to her at Wicked! Fantastic, great show & a great time with her!

i'd love to read any of the books on your list :) thanks for the great giveaway!


Janel said...

Best gift - my iPod shuffle. I love that thing!

I'd be happy with any of the books. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Last year my daad surprised me by spending my birthday holidaying on a beach [ my fav!] .. he sponsored it :D and i was so happy!

and then last budday - 2 of my buddies surprised me by coming to my place[ they are really far away from where I live] .. and celebrating my birthday :)

my sister - got me a gift card - that i could spend that card buying whatever i liked :)

-- there u go.. all the gifts i got :) I love getting gifts lol!

but my bestest gift has been- my lil "Hero Honda Pleasure"- my 2 wheeler from dad! tats my fav thing ;)

veena [dot] haridas [at] gmail [dot] com

i would like to enter for all three! thanks!

awesome books! :) thanks for the giveaway

Framed said...

My daughter is the gift queen. One year she gave me an exercise theme-a magazine subscription, exercise ball, clothes. It was fun. The next year she gave me the full Jim Shore nativity set and an African nativity the next year.

Please enter me for "One Perfect Day" and "The Darker Side."

Deb said...

The best gift that I have ever gotten is when all 3 of my kids had their picture taken together! I still have that and will cherish it forever...

Book Zombie (Joanne) said...

My favorite gifts are a tie between gift cards (so I can choose myself) or homemade gifts (I love getting stuff that my kids made)

Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I would love to be entered to win 'One Perfect Day'

shiloki at gmail dot com

Estelle said...

The best gift I've received was a homemade jewelry box. My husband worked on it with my kids for about a week. It wasn't fancy but they all worked hard on it and the kids drew their own designs on the outside. It was beautiful. I'd like to enter to win all three books. Thanks!

AmandaK said...

The best give i've ever received was my grandmother's old wedding ring when she died. We were extremely close, and it wasn't in her will, but it was written on an old receipt. I wear it around my neck every day to let me know she's near!


Natasha said...

My husband bought (and made!) me a book of our son's first 6months - it's by far the best and most thoughtful gift he's ever given me! As for the books, I think Hell Bent would be my choice of read, but all of them would sit nicely on my 'must read' pile! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

judybrittle said...

My best gift was when my 3 daughters treated me to a two day casino trip and we all went together. With families of their own I know it took a lot of planning for them to go with me. I would love to be entered for the book The Darker Side. That sounds awesome. Thank you so much!
judybrittle at aol dot com

tatertot374 said...

thank you for having this! The best gift I have recevied recently was a gift card to a local restaurant. We were able to eat out on tight weeks and it was wonderful. Thank you!

Dee said...

My cannon rebel SLR camera is BY far the BEST gift I've gotten!!

Anonymous said...

I've been really I've never received a gift that I haven't liked!! I guess people just know me, so I narrowed it down to my top 3. I love gift certificates! I love getting them to book stores, my favorite restaurants, and starbucks (i don't drink much coffee but I like to endulge every once in awhile) I'd love to be entered in the contest for Darker Side. Thanks!!!
luckistarr4 AT gmail DOT com

sweetsue said...

My mom gave me my late grandmother's wedding ring in a beautiful rose ring box for Christmas a couple of years ago. It is my favorite possession!
smchester at gmail dot com

malleycc said...

My grandmother made me a memory quilt with some old clothes of mine, hers my moms too. It is my cherished possession.

Scribacchina said...

I'm afraid I haven't received many imaginative presents... The one I liked best, for sure, was a copy of the Oxford Style Guide soon followed by the corresponding Italian style guide (my BF knowing how much I coveted both). On a more imaginative side, I loved when my best friend found for me a poem on the theme of light and happiness, and printed it on special paper to accompany a set of candles. :)
OK, hope it helps... Please enter me for One Perfect Day. You can contact me on Gmail, ioscribacchina@
Thank you and good luck to all.

Amy said...

My best gift in the past 3 years was the scrapbook my daughter made for Mother's Day. She included pictures of all of us throughout the years, with very creative themed pages. I treasure it.
I would like to win "One Perfect Day.
aleach6179 AT gmail DOT com

SueFitz said...

The best gift I got in the last 3 years is the opportunity to go with my 2 nephews for their 1st trip to Disneyland in July 2007.

It was a treat to see their reaction to all the things around them.

suefitz at yahoo dot mail

Posted at blog also.
http://booksbooksth emagicalfruit. blogspot. com/

SueFitz said...

Forgot to put book
A Perfect Day

Kelly said...

The best gift I have received is a dove that had flower seeds that you plant and let grow. I received this after going to a dinner honoring my grandfather and others who we had lost due to cancer

Theresa N. said...

I'd like to win One Perfect Day, the best gift for me was a gift card to my favorite clothing store.
Theresa N

Belladonna1975 said...

I would like to be entered for The Darker Side and the best gift I have gotten in the last couple of years is a day at a spa which I got for my anniversary. It was especially good because I had just had a baby.

windycindy said...

I adore J.Jill clothing and I have received gift cards for their online store or the store near where I live! I had the best time choosing what I wanted from them! Please enter me in your wonderful book drawing for any of the three ARCS. I really appreciate it! Thanks, Cindi

Ivan Girl said...

Gifts I received are books and bags, which I really, really like!

I think when you're giving gifts to someone, it better has to be something that the recipient will really love to receive.

or maybe a box of small things she/he wants from her/his wishlist.

Becky said...

Hmm honestly I don't get many gifts, so the best gift always has to be from my children..just a simple I love you mom does it for me.

toohotforturtle said...

Both my mom and my grandmother were extraordinary women. Unfortunately, both are deceased. I found a photograph of them together when my mom was young. It was taken in the football stadium of the university I attended. The photo was special, but yellowed with age and not looking the best. My husband had the photo restored, enlarged and framed for me for Christmas. Was the best present ever. I would love any or all of the books.

Rue said...

Best gift I received in the last three years: One of those little remote control helicopters from a good friend from college. I'm 33 years old and I still like to get toys for Christms. I kept seeing the helicopters advertised last year but just couldn't bring myself to buy one, since I didn't really need it and was spending money on gifts for others. But I really, really wanted one. Without knowing this, my friend Jason bought one for me (and extra batteries). It was exactly what the little kid in me wanted so very, very much. Every time I bring it out to fly it (around my living room, mostly doing flybys on my cats), it brings a big smile to my face.

Not sure if that will help with the gift giving suggestions, since it's really more of a "give the person what they really want but just won't buy for themself" type of suggestion. But, maybe it will.

I'm intrested in all three books but probably Hell Bent the most. It sounds like an interesting series of books. Thanks for the chance to win.

ruthann (dot) francis (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Favorite gift: This is going to seem so silly but my kids went together and bought me a flip lid trashcan in my favorite color (navy blue) for me to put right next to my computer/desk area. It's such a simple thing but I use it multiple times a day and every time I look at it, I think of the kids and that they picked it out specifically for me without daddy's help.

First Choice: Darker Side, Second Choice: A Perfect Day


Kaye said...

Last Christmas my daughter gave me an i pod- oh I love that thing! I tend to listen to music I know my husband doesn't appreciate th way I do, so with an ipod i can listen to anything! Hell Bent or The Perfect Day would be perfect!
florida982002@yahoo dot com

micaela6955 said...

the best gifts I have ever gotten were handmade by my kids :) But I also was happy that hubby stood all night in the walmart line on Black Friday to get me a new vacuum for $25 in hot pink, lol... for me it's the thought that counts, the gift could be cheap, but as long as I was remembered, I love it!

Please enter me for any of these books, I would love to read them all! And I am a Michele with only one L too!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Diana C said...

My most cherished gift was handmade by my younger daughter. She spent months working on a cross stitch of my beloved Cruz, who had recently died, was "running free" as I prefer to think of it. Whenever I see this meticulous work of art I think of the two of them, my daughter whom I too seldom see, and my wonderful boy dog, who is patiently waiting for me beyond the rainbow bridge.

I would love the opportunity to read The Darker Side.

Katie Stacey said...

mine was actually books! my husband found a catalog where i had marked all of the books i wanted to check out and the library and he bought ALL of them for my birthday.

Molly C. said...

My best gift is the saphire & diamond ring, my dh gave me.

Carolyn said...

I received a personalized name frame from a friend last year. It was in the colors I have in my home, it was handmade and very beautiful. I hang it proudly in my home.

I would love to read A Perfect DAy or The Darker Side.

thanks for sharing

ceashark at aol dot com

Lori said...

I received a puppy from my husband :)

Corina said...

The best gift I have ever received was a few years ago from my husband. We had a rough year and could barely afford to get our kids gifts. As usual, we weren't buying gifts for each other.
After all the gifts were opened, my husband said, honey, there is something in your stocking. I said uh, no there isn't.
Sure enough there was a small box in the toe of my stocking. When I opened it, I just started crying.
Somehow my dear husband had managed to put away money and buy me diamond earrings for christmas. They were just tiny diamonds, but they could have been 4k each for how amazing they were to me.
I was touched that he went to all the trouble to do that, and really, it just meant so much to me.


and if I won, I'd love "a perfect day". All 3 look like good reads though!

bison61 said...

I received a FoodSaver for Christmas a couple years ago and I love it-food and meats freeze and last much longer

tiramisu392 (at)

fbartlett said...

My Dad is really into woodworking and a couple of years ago he built my husband and I a custom entertainment center for our TV. It was great because it was just what we needed and it was made personally by him for us!
I would love to win all 3 books!!

Jeanette J said...

I guess the best present in the last 3 years was our anniversary present..a trip to Hawaii. I would be happy with any one of the three books

Mommyhood is Thankless said...

The best gift I have received is a bracelet with my nickname on it from my husband. Any and all new books are welcome to me, so any of these books would be great!


Mommyhood is Thankless said...

I blogged about this giveaway: Here


ewalsh said...

Tbe best birthday gift that I received was a laptop, finally a computer that I don't have to share.

I'd like to be entered for Darker Side.

Anonymous said...

The best giftS I've received in the last 3 years are my sons, Brayden and Jak. Brayden will be celebrating his 3rd birthday in 5 days and Jak will be 4 months old in 14 days. There's been no better gift for me than the love I have for those two boys.
I'd like to be entered for The Darker Side. Thanks!

rb said...

Hmm...the best gift I have received is a really lovely watch (leather strap with rose gold dial etc) that is a far cry from the kiddy plastic watch that I used to wear. I like the cartoons on them though :P

I think The Darker Side and Hell Bent seems interesting though I also do have an issue with reading series in order. Though if I do win this, I will figure out a way to get the previous 23 books. :D

Heather said...

My best gift in the last 3 years was an ipod for my birthday last year

Sharon said...

The Best Gift was a weekend away with my mom...her treat...her gift to me...loved it!
I would love to win all 3...thanks so much!

Melissa B. said...

This is gonna sound dumb, but my best gift was a gift basket that included a shower cap. I really needed that shower cap!

Jodi said...

I am a big coffee drinker, last year my best friend bought me a great thermos coffee travel mug, and several different types of coffee, and a gift card to starbucks, it was a wonderful gift, and I still use the mug daily at work.


Princess Golden Hair said...

the best give i ever received would be the advice my father gave me. "Cathy don't ever let anyone say you can't move mountains." He's been right as he usually was

definitely i'd love to read one perfect day.

Anonymous said...

Pick Me! Pick Me! I would love to win

The BEST gift EVER... when hubby gave me an IOU card for one full day of service, included house cleaning, bubble bath, etc.,

It's very kind of you to offer such a great giveaway, its rare that I see giveaways for people like us (avid readers).

Count me in too please.

Tammy OHagan
tammyohagan ~~~ AT ~~~ westco ~~~ DOT ~~~ net