Monday, August 18, 2008

We are moving!

Yes, that's the big change. We are moving from Indiana to Ohio. We are both originally from Ohio. We met at and both graduated from Ohio State (a long time ago). Our family is all still in Ohio and it's been hard being over five hours from our parents (who live three hours apart - one south, one north).

So! My husband starts a new job the first of September and we are moving to Columbus, Ohio. The kids and I will stay here until the house sells and we are frantically working to get it ready to list (and I am exhausted!!!). I didn't realize how much stuff we have, me the non-pack rat! LOL We have tons of options for places to live - I didn't realize how many suburbs and school districts were a part of Columbus until I started doing some research. It can be overwhelming to know where to live!

We are excited to be closer to family but also very sad about leaving our Indiana friends! We've been here 15 years and have built alot of friendships that we are going to miss terribly. But we will definitely have a guest room so we are hoping for lots of visitors.

So I am asking for your help. Please let me know if you have any good tidbits about relocating, about Columbus, Ohio, or about selling a house. And I am asking for your prayers for a smooth transition for all of us, for a quick sale of the house, and ease of finding the right place to live.



sheistoofondofbooks said...

Michele - we've moved out-of-state 3 times with our kids; this last time we followed my husband after 4 months (waiting for the house to sell, like you) ... it will all work out; when things get hectic remind yourself of the big picture (all the reasons you're moving).

If you want to email me I can give you more "chatty" advice than filling up your Comments. Best wishes!

Ruth said...

I'll watch the replies to this post with interest -- we're planning to move cross-country in the spring. I haven't said anything about it on my site because I haven't told some of the people who have access to my blog yet. I don't want them finding it out on the Internet; that seems kind of like dumping someone over the phone.

We're moving to be closer to family as well, and I can't wait. I don't have many ties to this area even though I've lived here all my life. I'm sure it will get harder as the move gets closer, but right now I'm more excited than anything else.

Right now I have a policy where if I pick something up, I have to do something with it. Either put it where it belongs (or find a place for it if it doesn't already have one), throw it away, or put it in a box to be donated. We've taken three car loads of stuff to the local Goodwill already!

J. Kaye Oldner said...

I loved moving until we owned the home. Selling and buying another one is such a pain. A good realtor can make your life so much easier. So glad you are moving near family.

Lenore said...

Columbus has a great big Barnes & Noble (well at least one) that I was at last month. Lucky you!

Michele said...

Dawn (sheis..) - Thanks for the offer! I will be taking you up on that. Yes, big picture. I keep reminding myself when I am so tired!

Ruth - I didn't post here until I told most folks I can think of to tell, so I totally relate. Good luck with your move! I'm excited for ours but it's a lot of work!

J.Kaye - we have a great realtor here but none there yet. Hopefully we can find one that knows the whole city and can help us decide where.

Lenore - I know! Right by campus, I think. I am going to love it!

Lisa Clarke said...

I've only moved once, and it was too long ago for any sage advice to have stuck.

Just wanted to wish you luck on getting through all of the details in one piece so you can enjoy the final results :-)