Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Giveaway: The Shack

Icedream at Reading in Appalachia has a giveaway that I am sure you all will love. The ladies in my small group have been all over me to read The Shack. They have read it and now tell me I need to. So much so that I already have two copies at my house to read! LOL And I will get to it soon. I promise.

But for now, you can win a copy of the book for yourself. Icedream reviewed the book here. Then because of her review, Hatchette Book Group gave her an opportunity to chat with the author William P. Young. Click here to see her interview and to enter her giveaway. You need to enter by August 17th and it's only for US and Canada readers.

And when I get it read (soon, I promise!), I will review it here and also include comments from my small group ladies.

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