Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Thingers: Summer Plans

Today's question from Marie at The Boston Bibliophile:

Since we're past the Fourth of July and the summer season has officially started, what are your plans for the summer? Vacations, trips? Trips that involve reading? Reading plans? If you're going somewhere, do you do any reading to prepare? Do you read local literature as part of your trip? Have you thought about using the LT Local feature to help plan your book-buying?

Sadly, the summer is half over for us. The kids go back to school in the middle of August and so we are on the back end of summer. We've had a good summer so far, with our vacation to Capon Springs, been swimming a bunch, played sports, some camps and had fun together. We have a few things lined up for the rest of the summer. The kids are in our community's production of High School Musical this weekend. That will be very fun (and will be glad that rehearsals are over). The kids and I will be going with my family to some cabins in Mohican for a week. There's usually quite a bit of morning and 'hot afternoon' reading that goes on during those weeks. Nothing that takes reading ahead. Although my son will be playing football for the first time this fall so we got some basic football books yesterday at the library that we'll be reading together. For the rest of the summer, we hope to spend alot more time in the pool and with friends. Great question, Marie! Everyone - be sure to go check out what other folks are doing this summer - maybe you'll get inspired!

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jlshall said...

Wow, the middle of August seems awfully early to be heading back to school. But it sounds like you've had a great summer so far – enjoy the rest of it!

Michele said...

It is really early, I agree! But they got out before Memorial Day. I wish they would go a little longer and then go back at the end of August - get more pool time, ya know?

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Our junior civic theater is also doing High School Musical, must be popular, and my kids go back to school August 12th.

Pool and air conditioning... that's all I got to say. It's too hot for much else.

Anonymous said...

Logansport, Land of the Loonies. The State Mental Hospital is here, and they release straight into the community, so I ain't lying about the Loonies. :-D

Why do you think I live here?

Originally I'm from Kokomo, though. I rooted for David Cook... he's family with my nephew's mom on the Cook side. So, I guess that makes him my nephew's family? She should move to Logansport, too. She'll fit right in.

Did you get the flooding a couple weeks ago? We had it in the winter. My house doesn't flood, though Yay for that.

Anonymous said...

Awww...I'm sorry that summer didn't last long for you. I decided to home school throughout the year this time and we really didn't have a summer. Our school is fun, so it doesn't always feel like work.

Icedream said...

Hi Michele, thanks for dropping by my blog. Here's the answer to your question. Those are county routes, they made them fractals with the main route number on top and a route branching off of it on the bottom. The ones with nothing on the bottom mean that's it. It can and often does just end. LOL Usually though it leads to another main route. (p.s. to leave a sticky post just add a new page element- html. Then drag and drop it to the top of your blog)

Kathleen said...

Wow it's really amazing how quickly "High School Musical" caught on :) The girl I babysit was in her school's version this year.