Monday, July 14, 2008

Review: Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos

I just finished Love Walked in by Marisa de los Santos. It's 11pm. I read it all in one day. Today. It's not meant to be a one day book. It has 307 pages. I have been in my pajamas all day and got nothing else done. But I couldn't not read it. It drew me in, made me stay, made me smile, made me love, made me cry (not just cry, but sob), made me feel their pain, their love, their hurts, their joys. Oh my gosh! It was published in 2005 so I am a little late to this one. But I'm so glad I finally read it!

Cornelia is a 31 year old single woman, who works in a cafe, loves movies and is very passionate about life and living it. She meets a man who looks just like Cary Grant and she sets about falling in love with him.

Clare is an 11 year old girl, who lives with her mom, goes to school, makes lists, loves to read and imagine she is friends with the teen heroines. She realizes that her mom has been acting very strange lately, buying 11 sets of towels in all different colors, taking Clare out of school for lunch and letting her drink wine.

You've got to read the book to find out what happens to Cornelia and Clare - how they meet, what happens to each of them and both of them, and where they go after that. The chapters alternate between Clare and Cornelia telling the story which allows you to so fully fall in love with each of them, their joys, their hurts, their love, their insecurities.

I want you to go out and get this book right now. I cannot truly explain how much I've fallen in love with the characters in this book and how much I want you to know them. This is definitely a top read for this year and will probably end up on my list of top reads of all. Go, now, to the library or the store and get it. Really!

Rating: 5++/5

P.S. Marisa de los Santos just released a new book in April, Belong to Me. It is moving to the top of my list of books to get!


Julie said...

I know I've read about this book, definitely will go on my TBR list!

Amy said...

Aargh! I have both this book and Belong to Me in my TBR. not enough time to read all the books!

Anonymous said...

Aside from now adding *Love Walked In* to my wishlist, I'm jealous ... how do you swing a full day of reading (in your pajamas no less?!?)

Julie said...

ok, I'm 4th on the wait list at the library for this. I guess I'll read it in a couple of months!!