Saturday, July 12, 2008

Review: The Making of Isaac Hunt by Linda Leigh Hargrove

The Making of Isaac Hunt is Linda Leigh Hargrove's first novel. Isaac Hunt is a light-skinned black man with blue eyes. His father is a judge and his mother a councilwoman in Raleigh, NC. He's just graduated from NC State and NASA wants to hire him. He's got everything going for him. But when he's visiting his grandfather in the Alzheimer ward at the nursing home, his world is rocked. His grandfather told Isaac that he was not who he was told all his life. This book follows Isaac as he learns about his past, who he was, why the secrecy, and explores who he will be today.

I enjoyed this story. It has intrigue, mystery, a bit of suspense, and interesting characters. I think some of the characters could have been explored a bit more and it would have added to the overall story. But I recommend this book and am looking forward to reading Ms. Hargrove's second novel coming out this fall.

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