Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random ramblings

IMG_2580auto I have been playing with pictures tonight. Two weekends ago we were at my mom's for my cousin's graduation party. My beautiful daughter wore, for the first time, the dress dh and I bought for her in Hawaii in March. She looked all 'growed' up to me! I can't believe how old she is, how much fun she is, what an attitude she can give! LOL I enjoy my girl!

Then I was looking through the videos and pictures I took tonight at the kid's practice for HSM. They look good! We get to take more pictures tomorrow night at the final dress rehearsal and then four performances this weekend. Will be fun to see the play the whole way through - it's got some different parts than the movie.

IMG_2644bwAnd I was playing with other pictures I took of my cute niece and her parents. She's a pointer - pointing out everything to us as we walked through a park. I wish I would have remembered to use a flash because the sun shining through the trees made some of the pictures kind of splotchy. But! There's quite a few good ones. This is one of my favorites - not a face shot but a curious girl! Plus, the best part of the day was that she chattered away at us! We live three hours away and don't see her as much as I'd like and I was nervous she'd be 'scared' of us like my kids were with 'strangers' at her age. So it was such a treat!

Just wanted to share what I've been working on tonight. I've been reading a new author the last few days too: The Making of Isaac Hunt by Linda Leigh Hargrove. It's her first novel and I'm enjoying it so far. I'll be sure to review it in a few days when I'm done.

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Lisa Clarke said...

She looks so pretty and grown up! It's nice that she can go from a soccer uniform to a pretty dress so effortlessly and look at-home in either one :-)

l. l. hargrove said...

Hi, Michele. Thanks for including me (and Isaac) in your 'ramblings.'

Loving Cee Cee Johnson (the sequel) is due out in September.

Linda Leigh Hargrove
writing fiction with a heart for reconciliation

Diane said...

Oh my goodness....quite the young lady! I remember the picture from Halloween years ago of her with my guys...the three of them in their Toy Story costumes. Seems like only yesterday....sigh.....

Anonymous said...

You have a red head too! :) My daughter is.