Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome Fall!

Today, Monday September 22nd, is the first day of Fall. But it sure doesn't feel like it! The high will be about 85 degrees today, I could not fathom wearing long sleeves today - even a blouse, and the kids are still in shorts! But, the calendar says the cooler weather is coming and I am excited!

As fall is now here, lots of my friends - both blogging friends and rl friends - will be celebrating in their kitchens. Pumpkin bread, spice cookies, apple crisp, soups all will be made by these women. Flashback: Fall 97I wish I was one of them. I dream of my kitchen smelling all spice-y, bringing forth memories of crunching leaves, drinking warm cider around a bonfire, or cuddling next to a fireplace in warm sweaters. Alas, the best I can do is buy the cider and warm it in the microwave. Or wear the sweaters. Suzy Homemaker I am not.

So, how do I celebrate fall each year? With pictures of course! Since all my photo albums are boxed up (gasp!) for the house showings, I had to dig for pictures of previous falls. Of course the ones I really wanted are not here but these are some of the non-scrapbooked pictures. To the left, there's my girl, just one year old, our first fall photo shoot.

Flashback: Fall 2000Next in our walk down memory lane via fall photos, we have my boy entering into the fun in the fall of 2000. He was not at all sure that day of the straw or the grass (the picture I really want to show you is of him in the grass and his rosy red excema cheeks - I'll have to dig it out next fall).

Flashback: Fall 2002Flashback: Maybe Fall 02Jump ahead to the fall of 2002 - getting into some more candids because realizing a two-year old boy doesn't do posed unless his sister is squeezing him by the middle.

Now, fall of 2008, I know more about photography, more about scrapbooking, and more about the fact that this is how I celebrate fall. But I would love to come to your house and celebrate fall with your apple crisp and cider if you want to invite me.

M collage 1 Family right side

C collage 1 Family left side

Go to Polka Dot Cottage and see how other folks are celebrating stepping into fall. And be sure to comment and tell me how you are celebrating!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures - your kids are gorgeous!

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Your children are adorable---I love the pumpkin patch pics!
Happy Fall!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, love those pictures. They have the sweetest of faces! I wish mine loved the camera. :)

Katie Walker said...

I can't believe you *already* have Fall pics of the kids! I love the pumpkins and sunflowers in the background - amazing!!! Your pictures turned out wonderful and I esp. like the outakes posted below ;).

Elaine @ said...

Those are some excellent 'Celebrate Fall' photos!

85 huh? I don't think we got that warm more than a few days in the summer! But I live in the great white north...

erika~ the inspired mama said...

awww, love the pics~ thanks for sharing! i especially love your little red haired girly ;)

happy fall to you!


Lisa Clarke said...

Oh, those are such great pictures! You make me want to go find a pumpkin patch right now :-)

kraftykash said...

Cute pictures! I loved the muscle pose! Kashoan

Beth & Papa said...

Love the pictures!! Can we get copies of the last 2. They look frameable. We will miss you at the hayride!
Maybe next year.

Papa & Beth

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! There's nothing cuter than a red headed kid, I always say. My youngest had red hair when she was born but it fell out when she was a baby and now she's blond.