Monday, September 29, 2008

Mailbox Monday

The doorbell just rang upstairs which means the UPS man has left me a package! Woohoo!!!

I ran upstairs, tore open the package and found One Perfect Day by Lauraine Snelling from Hachette Books! A big thanks to Hachette for sending me this book to read and review!

From the back of the book:
Nora Peterson is determined to make this Christmas perfect. Next year her twin teenagers will be off at college, and their lives will never be quite the same. With her husband delayed on a business trip abroad, Nora's nerves are already frazzled when she gets the news of a car accident that will not only change the Petersons' lives forever, but also those of another family whom they've never met.

As a nurse, Jenna Montgomery has always struggled with balancing her personal and professional life. Her daughter, Heather, has suffered from a heart defect for most of her life. Now that Heather is twenty years old and still on the organ transplant waiting list, Jenna must find a way to accept that this is likely their last Christmas together. Then the miracle that Jenna has desperately prayed for becomes a reality in an instant, and Heather's health is restored.

While Nora struggles with depression and grief, Jenna discovers that miracles aren't always easy to receive.

I've also received two other books in the past week that I want to share.

Red Sea by E.A. Benedek is a book I will be hosting for TLC Book Tours in October. I am excited to read this book! Thanks to St. Martins Press for sending the book.

From the back of the book:
Four airplanes are blown out of the sky…hundreds of civilians are dead, and the world is gripped by fear. As young American reporter Marie Peterssen investigates the attacks, she meets Julian Granot, a mysterious Israeli operative who offers her an enticing lead—one that points them to maverick FBI agent Morgan Ensley and the ravages of war-torn Iraq.

Soon Marie, Julian, and Morgan discover a connection between the crashes and a devastating plot to detonate a nuclear bomb in a New York City port—and time is running out. As Marie races to stop a sophisticated network of terrorists, she stumbles upon a shocking revelation: she may have a deep personal connection to the Islamic mastermind behind the attacks. Now she will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. But it could cost Marie and her team the mission…and their lives.

I received Live a Little by Kim Green recently from Hachette Books! .

From the back of the book:
Two bratty teenagers.
One disenchanted husband.
Twenty extra pounds.
This is the daily existence of Raquel Rose, a California housewife whose life is much less than she thought it would be. Until she receives the shocking news that she's dying and her world rocks sideways. Her kids stop taking her for granted. Her husband is attentive. And her picture-perfect sister - who has her own talk show - puts Raquel on TV where her story raises truckloads of money for breast cancer research.
And One Big Lie.
When her doctor tells Raquel that she's not sick after all (clerical error, what are the odds?) she's reluctant to trade in her shiny new life for the jalopy it was before the (mis)diagnosis. Soon, as everything flies out of control from the force of this massive whopper, she has to wonder: After forty-two years of existing for everyone else, what's so bad about finally living for herself?

I will be posting when I receive books in the mail. This serves to thank those who send them to me along with the review. And also shares my excitement with receiving the books.

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Ang said...

Wow! I need to start a book blog to get books at my doorstep too! Well now wait, I DO already get books delivered to my doorstep, but I have to pay for them, and 99.9% of the time they are for my DH and nothing I would want to read. Hrmph. Anyway :) One Perfect Day sounds like a really great book. I'll have to tell my boss about it - he is a heart transplant recipient.