Monday, September 29, 2008

Book to Movie: Secret Life of Bees

I read Sue Monk Kidd's book, Secret Life of Bees, back in 2004 with my book club. My book memory being poor, I don't remember many details of the book. However I do remember the emotion the book brought forth - it's still a strong memory today. I thoroughly loved the characters, worried about them, laughed and rejoiced with them. I was invested!

I just found out (yes, been living under a rock) that The Secret Life of Bees movie is coming out in October in the theatre. It stars Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys and many others. You can see the trailer and a bunch of other information on the movie here.

I don't usually like watching movies of books I've loved. Most either disappoint me or have me comparing the movie to the book throughout, which really ruins the movie for me. However, with the distance between the reading and the movie, and the emotion that even thinking about this book brings me, I think I want to go see this one. It also helps that I love Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson and who doesn't think Dakota Fanning is a marvelous actor?

Have you read The Secret Life of Bees? (If not, I highly recommend you do as well as all her other books which I enjoyed just as much!) What did you think of The Secret Life of Bees? Will you be seeing the movie?


Anonymous said...

I have read the book. I'm like you, I usually don't go to a movie if I've read the book. The movie almost always disappoints me.

Julie said...

I also loved the book! One of my favorites of all time, but I am a little hesitant to see the movie. I hope its wonderful!

I have to say I was disappointed with The Mermaid Chair. But how could she possibly follow up with something as good as TSLoB?

LisaMM said...

My book club read it last year. Most of us liked it but I don't think any of us were blown away by it. I think it might have been different if we'd read it at a different time- we'd just read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan the month before, and that was a hard act to follow.

Ang said...

my book club read TSLoB and we all liked it. As previously said, I hardly ever like the movie versions of great books. And that includes Harry Potter. So, I dunno.. I may or may not see it. But, conversely, I AM way stoked about seeing Twilight. Go figure!