Wednesday, May 21, 2008

These is My Words by Nancy E. Turner

These is My Words is definitely my favorite book from the last few years. It starts out with 18 year old Sarah Prine traveling across the country with her family in 1881. As you can imagine, it's hard and stressful on all of the family. We see Sarah through the trip, the settling down with her family in the Arizona Territory, and starting her life in the harshness of the time.

The book is written as Sarah's diary. As she grows older, so does her writing. Sarah Prine is such an engaging character - very strong and brave even though she doesn't always want to be strong. She falls in love, works hard on her ranch, and survives. It sounds like it could be a very depressing book, and I suppose there are books written about this time that are depressing. But throughout the book I was rooting for Sarah, shared in her triumphs and cried with her in the sadness. And I was inspired by her.

I believe you will fall in love with Sarah as I did. After you've read this book, you will want to read more about Sarah in the next two books in the series. And you won't be disappointed. My book club is scheduled to discuss These is My Words in August and I can't wait to discuss it with them.


SimonSlings said...

Hi Michele- Your blog page looks very impressive to me. Maybe when my kids are the age of your kids I will embark on a blog of my own. Then again, that will be in about 8 years or so, and blogging will probably be a thing of the past.

Anyhow, based on your description, I'm really looking forward to reading These is My Words. Do you think it's a good enough book that I could read it while I'm in labor and not feel the pain? That's the type of book I'm looking for right now. I want to start a new trend of natural child birth through really good book reading!

Have fun blogging,
Mary from book club

Julie said...

Great book - thanks for the recommendation! Can't wait until we discuss at book club.

Julie Wagner

Michele said...

Hi Mary and Julie!

Mary - not sure that reading will keep you from feeling the pain of labor. Remember my motto was - drugs are your friend in labor! LOL Won't it be fun to see what is happening in 8 years?

Julie - me too!