Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer reading clubs

This is the last week of school for my kids. One of my favorite parts of summer is the reading club at the local library. Our library has one for the kids and one for adults. The kids get to earn points based on the type of books they read and can win a variety of things, including erasers, book marks, toys, food coupons at local restaurants and, of course, books. I just love watching them at the beginning of the summer as they anticipate all the things they can get - and it's all just from reading! Some summers they've done really well and earned all the points they can. Other summers we've started well but fizzled out on earning points because we never make it to the library. But throughout the summer they are reading. And, to me, that is one of the best things they can do.

One a side note, the adult version of the reading club gives you something for each book you read up to 4 books. Needless to say, I get all of the giveaways the first time I come back. I've taken to not turning them all in just to drag it out a bit.

I just love reading!


Jillo said...

We'll see you at the library and the pool. I always make the boys get the food coupons to places that I like to go. This year we are going to get the Tropical Smoothie coupons before they run out! I will read your blogs and I think it's fun that you are doing this. I need some new reading material and some of the titles have already sparked my interest!

Kristen said...

Good job on getting your blog set up. You would not believe the amount of emails, comments, and private comments I've received regarding the Michael Connelly book, The Brass Verdict between my 2 blogs and my LT profile page. I guess he has really developed a following, and I can see why. I'm going to be starting the Lincoln Lawyer soon. Have you read that one? Apparantly he has a law practice that he operates out of the back of 2 Lincoln Town Cars so he doesn't have to be in an office, complete with fax machine and more.

Michele said...

Hi J! My kids always want the trinkets instead of the food coupons. I am going to have to work harder on that this summer! Thanks for stopping by!

Michele said...

Hi Kristen! I have read the Lincoln Lawyer - read all of Michael Connelly's books. Definitely one of my favorite authors. I'm glad you enjoyed Brass Verdict. It's on my list to get come October!