Monday, December 1, 2008

NY Times: 100 Notables for 2008

S. Krishna shared that the NY Times published their 100 Notable Books for 2008. I went to visit and discovered I have not read a single one. Not one. None. Nada. Granted, half the list is non-fiction, but still!

Sadly, I really only have interest in one from other reviews - The Good Thief. It's on my list of things to read. But none have I read. Seriously, none.

What does that mean? Do I care? Should I match the NY Times? I'll have to ponder.

What have you read from the list?


Anonymous said...

I've only read 2 of the books, but have 2 more in my TBR pile.

Julie P. said...

I'm in the same boat as you are. I haven't even heard of quite a few of them. And, I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about books.

jessi said...

I haven't read any of them, either. I did buy a copy of American Lion for a friend, but I don't think that counts. :) There's quite a few on there I want to read, but with my TBR pile in the state it's in, I doubt that'll happen.

Julie said...

Hey I am reading Traffic for February's LOLAs. I haven't read any others. There was one by the author of Snow Falling on Cedars. That was a good book, so maybe I should check out this one on the list.

I just checked out Amazon's list and I didn't do much better there.

Ang said...

Hey, I own one of the books, does that count?!? LOL

I have Beautiful Children, but haven't read it yet. But I noticed a newer book by Jhumpa Lahiri on the list. I've loved her other two, so I should put that on the TBR list.

I wouldn't fret over it too much, Michele. There are tons of books out there... for tons of different interests. What does the NYT know, anyway?

Shana said...

I've only read two -

The Road Home by Rose Tremain and When Will There Be Good News? by Kate Atkinson. Both were EXCELLENT. I'm a huge Atkinson fan though!


Anonymous said...