Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday Thingers: Early Reviewer Program

From The Boston Bibliophile - Early Reviewers- do you participate? How many books (approximately) have you received through the program? Have you liked them generally? What's your favorite ER book? Do you participate in the discussion group on LT?

I LOVE the Early Reviewer Program. How cool is it to be sent a brand-spanking-new book, usually before it's out for sale! And all you have to do is agree to read it (duh!) and put at least 25 words in for a review. Easy as pie!

I am not quite sure when I found the ER program on LT. I have been a member of LT since the beginning of 2007 but I don't think I found the ER program until early this year. For the first year all I did was catalog my books. I didn't even realize there were groups there to participate in! Clueless!!! As soon as I 'found' the program, I signed up.

I am almost afraid to answer the question on how many books have I received. I think I have received a book for all months but one since I joined. cringe I have received:
Takeover by Lisa Black [review here]
Home Girl by Judith Matloff [review here]
No One You Know by Michelle Richmond [review here]
Lookin' Back, Texas by Leanna Ellis [review here]
Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth by Beth Teitell [Amy's review here]
Hell Bent by William G. Tapply [review here]
Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland [still to read]
The Oxford Project by Stephen G. Bloom and Peter Feldstein [picked first of October and still to receive]

Based on my star ratings of each of the books, my favorite would be Takeover, followed closely by Home Girl (a non-fiction even!) and Hell Bent.

I don't really participate in the ER discussion group, but I do read it about once a week. I have put my two cents in a few times but not much. I have enough (some might say too much) computer time with the other social groups I am in along with the blogging/reading.

Are you participating in Library Things Early Reviewer program? If not, why not? Check out who else participates here.


Anonymous said...

I just joined in July and I'm 2 for 3!

Book Zombie (Joanne) said...

I joined LT ER this past spring, and thinking about the books I've snagged makes me cringe too. I'm 6 for 6 plus 3 from bonus batches. And I'm the type of person that would end up owing money on a lottery ticket if that were possible :)

Cathy said...

Don't feel bad--I spent the first year I was on LT cataloging my books, too! I knew there were other things to the program, but I forced myself not to get sidetracked--I'd been wanting to get those books completely cataloged for YEARS.

Melissa said...

I forgot about Home Girl. I got that one too and really liked it!

Traci said...

I've gotten books 6 out of the 8 months since I've been signed up. It used to be more exciting (not that it still isn't a neat little thrill) before I started getting ARCs from other sources.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard about this program. But, I'm up for getting free books. I'll have to check them out.

I've been lucky lately to get a few good ones right from the authors:

Going Down South
The Triump of Deborah

and, a few still on the TBR.

Shana said...

Michele - I'm so glad you liked Home Girl. I have that one to read soon.


Marie said...

Nice group of books. I got a bunch in a row too. Congrats! :-)

Julie said...

I don't participate in early reviewer. I think it is way cool, but I can read all the free books I want at a little ole place called the library. :)

(I don't like to own books unlike lots of folks).

I just don't have enough time for reading to read something that isn't of my own choosing.

sheIsTooFondOfBooks said...

I posted my list on my blog; I feel I've been pretty lucky with getting matched to "good" books.

I commented above about my envy of you snagging *The Oxford Project*; this looks so interesting!