Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sunday Salon

It was a quiet week this week. Not much reading was done because I was working on my 2008 scrapbook pages. I started digital scrapbooking two years ago and am in LOVE with it. I completed about 20 pages this week for 2008. I am up to the middle of June. Hopefully will get through July (June and July are big vacation months so lots of pages) before I take a break from this little surge of fun.

Back to books. I finished two books this week: A Perfect Day and Why the Wind Blows. I did post my review for The Space Between Before and After - I definitely recommend it! I am currently working on E.A. Benedek's Red Sea. I am hosting her tour later this month. Definitely enjoying the book so far - reminds me a bit of the early Tom Clancey books. The kids and I are also still working on the audio of Anne of Green Gables. We don't go far in town so it's taking awhile to get it done.

Next week I will be posting an interview with Jean Page Reynolds, author of The Space Between Before and After. I will also post my review of Why the Wind Blows. I am not sure what book I will pick up next. The Good Thief by Hannah Tintl is due at the library later this week. Or I received a bunch of books in the past week (I need to do a mailbox post on them) so I have lots of choices.

The best thing about this Sunday is that I think I will be able to get alot of reading in. The girl comes home from church camp mid-afternoon, the man heads back to Ohio after that and I am spending most of the afternoon and evening watching football and reading. My kind of day! What would be even better would be to have hubby make some chili. Course it's supposed to be 80 degrees so maybe the chili will have to wait.

One final note for today. I played with Wordle using the posts from this past week. Here is the picture. Wordle is fun!!

How are you spending your Sunday? What are you reading this week?


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of digital scrapbooking. Can you share a page with us on your blog?

gautami tripathy said...

Sometimes we need to do things other than reading!

SS is where the action is

Shana said...

Michele, I don't scrapbook but if I did, I'd probably do digital. I always love others' pages when I see them.

So you're a football watcher, huh? My husband would loooovvvve for me to watch football with him.

I hope you get lots of reading done today!


Michele said...

Kathy (Bermuda..) - You have just opened up a can of worms! I have the potential to bore you to death with pictures. :-) Just kidding, sorta. I will put together a post about how I scrapbook and share a few pages from this years book. That excites me beyond what it should this morning! LOL

Gautami - Yes! But since I love reading and also this blog, sometimes I feel guilty about not reading as much. Silly, I know.

Shana - LOVE football!!! Grew up with two tvs we lugged into the living room on sunday afternoons so we didn't miss anything. Wasn't much into college football growing up but now am (Go Bucks!). I think I enjoy NFL football more than my dh!

Lisa said...

I briefly dipped a foot into digital scrapbooking when I last redid my blog design. I had to run away quick before it sucked me in.

Julie said...

Love the 'wordle' thing. That would be awesome to use on a digital scrapbook page!!

The Tome Traveller said...

Oooh, I'm going to have to go over and try Wordle, that looks cool!

I'm glad to hear that you are liking Red Sea! I am hosting it on Nov. 12 and haven't started on it yet.

I really like the Molly Murphy series, too (From your SS post last week). It is light and fun!

Suey said...

A week quiet! Does that sound nice or what!