Monday, October 13, 2008

I need your blog help!

As you can see, I currently use Blogger for my blog. I like it so far so am not changing that at this point. However I can't figure out something that seems like it should be easy to do (man, that was a bad sentence....but I leave it!).

What I'd like to do is be able to share my favorite blogs without having to copy and paste all the URLs into a list. Basically I'd like to use my Google Reader, which is a partner of Blogger, to develop a 'rolling' blog list. Or even to create the bloglist for me the first time. Ideally I'd have a folder in my reader that the blog list pulls from. That way it's only the ones I really enjoy rather than everything I try out. (I add willy nilly and then delete as I decide I don't relate, feel a connection, like the same things, etc.)

So, can I do it? How? Is it more trouble than it's worth? I want to share my favorites but am essentially lazy. LOL Thanks in advance for your help!


Traci said...

Go to Layout. Click on Add a Gadget. Click on Blog List. In the white box, it'll say No items yet - Add a blog to your list. Click on Add a blog... It'll give you three options. Add by URL (manually add each one), blogs I'm following, and Import subscriptions from Google Reader. Either of the last two will take you to a full list that you can check a box of the ones you want to add to your roll. Then you can configure the blogroll in several different ways like appear alphabetically or in order of most recent activity.

Hope that was what you were looking for. :-)

Michele said...

Thanks so much Traci!!!! I looked and looked at that and never actually clicked the add to my list button! LOL What a dork!! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Not a dork! Blogger has added so many new things and it's confusing. Compared to others, I like Blogger the best for several reasons. That doesn't take away the fact that it's confusing at times. :)