Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday Salon on Monday: Post New Years Edition

It's 2009! Can you believe it? How crazy is that???!!! I'm excited about the new year. How about you? What big plans do you have for 2009? What worries you about 2009?

My big news is that we are moving to Ohio! We have bought a house in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio and will be moving the week of January 19th. It's been a hectic and stressful holidays for us - all the house stuff on top of the normal holiday stress. Can you imagine how much fun I've been? LOL I did have a wonderful time with my family and friends over the holidays so that kept me sane.

The move is bringing us closer to family but we will be leaving the friends we've made over the last 16 years here in Indiana. And that makes me sad. I will miss them. I hope to be able to keep friendships and make some that are just as precious and special in my new area.

As a result of the move, I will probably be a bit sparse on the blog. I am sure I will have a hard time justifying sitting down to read and then blog about it instead of packing or gathering. I will also have a hard time justifying reading blogs so will be even more behind on that - don't be surprised in late January to see me commenting on the posts this week!

This past week I did finally hit the 100 book mark for 2008! Yeah! I will be posting my end of year wrap-up later this week. I posted the reviews of my last books of 2008 - The Beach House by Jane Green and Fault Line by Barry Eisler. I am scheduled to review Kirk Curnutt's Breathing Out the Ghost next week as part of a book tour.

So, what can you tell me about moving? Any tips? Any watchouts? What are your big plans for 2009? Share! I'd love to chat about it all.

Have a good week!


Julie said...

Happy for you, but sad for me. I will miss you!!

Michele at Reader's Respite said...

Oh geez, don't move before your book gets there, LOL! I searched high and low and couldn't find it, so I ordered another copy from Amazon and it's coming straight to your house by Wednesday!

Hope you enjoy the read. I don't envy you the move....we moved from Houston to Seattle last May and what a headache. I still have over half of our things in boxes in the garage because I just got burnt out. I figure when I get around to unpacking it will be like Christmas. :)

Good luck with the move...hope it goes smoothly for you.

Michele said...

J - I will miss you too!

Michele - Girl!!!! You should not have done that. I am very grateful but that was not necessary. And, no, we aren't moving by Wed. :-) Thanks!!!!!

Michele at Reader's Respite said...

Don't be silly, of course I should and it was my pleasure!

It's always fun to discover new books and I hope once you get moved and things settle down, you'll be able to find a quiet corner and enjoy.


bermudaonion said...

What a minute - did I miss something? Did your house sell? We've moved a lot, but I can't think of any tips. If you have any questions, I'll be glad to try to answer them. Good luck!

Michele said...

No, Kathy, the house hasn't sold yet. But we went ahead and bought there. It's been too hard on everyone to be separated. But I still need house selling prayers please!

sjfreed said...

have a safe move.

columbus is a nice area... there's a great life-style center in Easton (I think that's what it's called).


bermudaonion said...

Have you tried burying that statue (I can't remember which Saint it is) upside down in your yard. We have neighbors who swear by that.

Red lady-Bonnie said...

Good luck with your move Michele! Have you thought about renting out your house? I know that it's not easy either way but at least your family will be together and the kids can get adjusted to a new school. You'll be a few hours south of me, Columbus is a great city!