Saturday, January 3, 2009

Review: Fault Line by Barry Eisler

I don't think I've mentioned lately how much I enjoy participating in LibraryThing's Early Reviewer program. I have received quite a few very good books from that program and am always excited to get another one. I got Fault Line by Barry Eisler from the November batch of books. I received it quickly and definitely enjoyed reading it.

Summary: In Silicon Valley, the eccentric inventor of a new encryption application is murdered in an apparent carjacking. In Istanbul, a cynical undercover operative receives a frantic call from his estranged younger brother. When Alex Treven, a patent lawyer who has been working for the inventor, is attacked in his apartment, he is convinced he is the target of a conspiracy, and his brother, Ben, is his only hope. Setting aside their differences, Alex and Ben come together to find out who is behind the attacks. They soon learn that forces in America and abroad are involved in a high-stakes struggle to take hold of the technology, and now both of their lives are in danger.

This book had me hooked from the first line. It reads: "The last thing Richard Hilzoy thought before the bullet entered his brain was, Things are really looking up." I think that's a great opening line.

The scenario of software being the cause of 'murder and mayhem' is new to me. But the thing is, now that I've read this book and thought about it, I can easily see it happening. So much of our world today revolves around computers, data, internet, communication - if part of that gets shut down, it would be hard to get lots of things done.

The back story for Alex and Ben was a bit weak but I am envisioning this becoming a series where more of that will be fleshed out. However, I totally believed their characters, reactions, emotions. Good characters that I would enjoy seeing more of in future stories.

The only drawback was the ending. While it was okay, it was a bit underwhelming, happening quickly and not quite in line with the mystery and drama of the rest of the story.

Overall, good story, glad I read it. Fault Lines comes out in March. Check out other Barry Eisler books at his website. I've not read any of his before but looks like there is a great series out there that folks love. Time to start a new series for me!

Rating: 4/5 stars

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I received the early review copy too and really liked the book. Here's a link to my review