Friday, February 12, 2010

Contrasting climates

Last Saturday, I was in Phoenix, Arizona with friends just hanging out and enjoying the sunshine. We went to the spa for a day, went on a couple of tours of Frank Lloyd Wright's home, Taliesen West (because we all read Loving Frank last year), and ate outside lots of meals. I can't say it was 'pretty' because it was SO different from what I know. Plus it's still winter and, while not dead, nothing is blooming or vibrant. I think I would really enjoy it and would be able to call it beautiful in a couple of months. But it was warm and very interesting! And good company.

Then I come home. To Ohio. Where, although not as bad as further east, it had snowed 8-10 inches while we were gone (okay, not really sad about it happening while we were gone). But. The very next day...more snow. Two full days of snow. Two full days of no school for my kids. Then another late day after that. Which, with the odd school schedules, only gave me 3 hours home alone. So, while I think the snow is quite lovely, beautiful, etc to look at, I am quite ready for it to all go away.

And to be warm again. Can I move to Phoenix for the winter? Am I old enough to winter somewhere? Because it would be too hot for me in the summer, I think. I think I'm more of Hawaii person. Maybe I'll just move there?

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bermudaonion said...

We might even get some snow tonight! I have not enjoyed this cold winter at all!